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Georgia Nolan - Online Memorial Website

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Georgia Nolan
Born in United States
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Life story
May 26, 1943
Reminding everyone to keep Georgia Mitchell NoLan in your prayers and the family on May 26 1943 this is her birthday also Cassie her mother passed away this month May the 9 1994 also her brithday is the same of her passing,
Georgia went to school at Hall Jr. High If anyone has yearbooks around the year 1960- 1961 or so with her in it can you please contact us at
November 28, 1976
Georgia Mitchell Nolan went missing from Harlan County KY on  November 28, 1976.
My name is Gracie Mitchell Harmon I am one of Georgia's nieces My dad Silas is her brother I am now 30 years old and my whole life this buren has been with this whole family, Georgia was the talk in my family growing up What ever happened to Georgia know one no's Her mother Cassie my mamaw lived with us her whole life tell she went home to be with her Heavenly Father, Through her years mamaw asked so many times about her daughter not knowing really what the problem was, because of Georgia's missing my grammy missed out on her other grandchildern and us being kids was stolen from knowing Georgias Kids we were family and should have had that cousin relationship but we didnt, Alot has happened in thrity two years of her disappearance her older daughter and myself are more like sisters, whcih the years that we lost we will never be able to regain them back but as a family we are working together to bring this mystery come to an end,
December 16, 2008
Wanted to share Georgia's name sake with you all my step-daughter had her baby girl December 16 2008, my dad asked if she would name her after his sister Georgia and she did below is a picture of she was born with Itchyosis and is a life long skin disorder,She was also born with Juvinile arthritis, and she now wears glasses at 5 months old but she is my aunts name sake and I ask that you all remember her as well as my aunt Georgia in your prayers,
May 2009
Georgia I know in Heaven you are you and mom are enjoying the days that you lost so many years together, I come here to talk to you since you were took away from me, 32 years ago, days have went bye Years even has, my kids are all grown up I even have grandbabys now, My years have been lost without you by my side . not one day have I went without you on my mind,wondering about that night you left from our yard, wishing so that I could have changed your mind, I missed so many years of Teresa's Henery's and Sheila's Life never got to see Nancy anymore , until last year in 32 years I lost you, I have cried more tears than i thought my life would bare, You were my friend my sister and my world tore apart the day I walked into the police station and had to report you missing, the morning they came and got your cloths I should have new something was wrong you wouldn't have left from here without saying bye to mom , Me not finding out nothing for six months later that you were gone if only I would have known this next day I would have gotten something done, I love you more than you will ever know, this is a hard month for me I lost mom 14 years ago this month and your birthday the 26 the two inportant women besides my girls and wife was took from me, I will never get to tell you Georgia how much you mean to me never get to share my kids with you my feelings how that hurts,
November 27, 2009
Friday, November 27, 2009
4:00pm - 5:00pm
To be announced
To be announced
The release of one black ballon in honor of Georgia
Just for family and friends as well as anyone else who may have known her to be able to have that one day a year to release their prayers and memories of her. This year's was wonderful and I would like to thank everyone who showed up.
                                                                                        Teresa Pruitt
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